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Writing Basics

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First of all, I need to admit that I may have been overly zealous with the initial article I posted above. I had grown frustrated at the time because I was seeing what I felt was a gross over use of “text talk” on multiple paid-to-write websites that stressed being professionally written or that made it clear they were considered professional writers.

Should we base our judgments on writing style, maybe not and I thought I had addressed that in my initial article sufficiently, but language is our primary way of communicating our thoughts and ideas. So if we cannot clearly communicate then how can we expect people to properly understand us, and if people don’t properly understand us then how can we help people. For better or for worse there is a tendency to assume that if people cannot convey their thoughts in either written or spoken format then perhaps the person doesn’t know how to communicate. I’m not saying this is the case or that this is true, but it is hard to deny that this line of thinking is out there.

It is a fact that employers will throw out applications with poor grammar and spelling. There are several employers that will not so much as look at your application or think of interviewing you if they don’t think that you’re writing skills are up to par for them. If they have a choice between an application that is well written and one that is poorly written, they are going to choose the better written application. Fair or not fair, right or wrong, that is the way it is. I’m not saying it is right, but I am saying people should be aware of this, and that is why I wrote the article so that it can help people by providing perspective on the clarity of language, and the need for clarity in communication in general. This is especially true online because it is difficult enough to convey thoughts and ideas such as irony, sarcasm, and humor. That alone can cause misunderstandings between people. The fact is, the less clear the writing is, the more difficult communication is going to be. You do not have to be perfect all of the time, but at least keep it in mind. This is especially true for people who are supposed to be writing for professional websites.


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Please, this article was written back in 2008 and really should stay there. I agree it is heartless and no compassion, I hope no one takes this as how the true people of Aidlage feels because we are here to help people not judge. God bless.

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I can understand what you are saying. My writing & alot of others is not that good on the internet because we are usually typing fast or are emotional charged. And, my grammar is not great either.

However, I have seen some requests that were at least a page long (or longer). There was not a punciation sign in it.  All the words ran together. When reading something like this, it hurts the readers eyes. The reader has a hard time following it. Therefore, alot of these will 'unconsciously' get dismissed by the reader because its too hard to follow along.

So, when making request its best to make it easy for the reader to 'read it'. It does not have to be perfect.

Alot of times when the english is really bad, it makes the reader think that maybe its a 'scam' by those people from other countries.

I am not trying to be rude or anything. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Take care

PS. All of my errors & wrong grammer are on purpose. LOL


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I have to believe this is either some kind of hoax or is a joke. How can you possibly be a so called professional when you obviously have no writing skills!
I find your article to be choppy, miss- directed and down right rude to parents that are looking for advice.

Please tell me that this person is actually a  teenager in disguise trying to prove to the world they are grown and not some pimply faced smart Alec that wishes to look important!

If you really are a so called "professional" let me give you some advice. Go back to school and learn something called compassion. Or how about this....knowledge of the English language. Then come here and do what you should  have done yourself.....teach.

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Tia Morgan

This article is so poorly written I simply cannot believe you have the gall to criticize anyone's writing skills.


And I find it appalling that you would discount a parent's plea for help simply because you deem their writing skills to be lacking. 


I really hope you aren't really a teacher because you appear to be heartless, inconsiderate, snobbish and cruel. 


Shame on you.  This article should be removed from aidpage immediately and I can't believe it's been up for almost a year. 

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